Vessel Fuser®, Large Volume Infuser


VESSEL FUSER®, Large Volume Infuser, With Threeway Stopcock and Extension Tube

* Max Fill Volume: 300ML
Prod. No Flow Rate Infusion Time
39NV-3015S 1.5ml/hr 200hr (8days)
39NV-3020S 2.0ml/hr 150hr (6days)
39NV-3050S 5.0ml/hr 60hr (2.5days)
39NV-3080S 8.0ml/hr 37hr (1.5days)
39NV-30100S 10.0ml/hr 30hr (1.2days)
VF Conti

Flow Rate Chart

VF Conti

Cross sectional view of the lumen

(Specially designed flow control tube prevents any risk of kinking which can be caused of clogging the tube during infusion.)

VESSEL FUSER® is a registered trade mark of AuBex Corporation.